Introducing Our Latest Amsterdam Vacation Photographer

Amsterdam Vacation Honeymoon Family Holiday Photographer

Pictrip has launched its services in a brand new city. Giulia, our latest vacation photographer in the picturesque city of Amsterdam chats to us about what inspires her and what kick started her passion to become a photographer.

Name: Giulia

City: Amsterdam

Whats In Your camera Bag?

Nikon D750 + 50 f/1.4 + 24-120 f/4 + tripod (sometimes)

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Tell us about your journey to becoming a photographer.

When I was a child I would chase animals and take pictures of them. My love for photography continued as I grew up and from animals and pets I eventually made the progression to humans. It has now been more than eight years that I have been taking pictures on a daily basis, during which I have encompassed most photography genres with a particular preference for lifestyle and documentary photography. My university studies provided me with broader perspectives on the discipline also.

Amsterdam Vacation Honeymoon Family Holiday Photographer

Where is your favourite location to shoot at in Amsterdam?

Definitely the Jordan neighbourhood. I am inspired by its narrow streets full of potted plants and cats walking around, the small canals and the romantic bridges, where the rhythm of life is still slow and calm despite being in the heart of a European capital.

Tell us about your photography style and what inspires you?

With my photos I try to tell stories and aim to portray not only people but the relation they establish with the surrounding environment. I am inspired by urban and natural landscapes and the way humans interact with it.

Amsterdam Vacation Honeymoon Family Holiday Photographer

Where is your go to place for creative inspiration?

Java Eiland, an island in Amsterdam that was recently reconstructed. I am still impressed by the way in which the architectures of the central canals was translated into postmodern forms.

If you could shoot anywhere in the world where would it be?

Alaska or the Patagonia desert.

Amsterdam Vacation Honeymoon Family Holiday Photographer

What location is next on your travel agenda?

Brazil. It is a country with so many different sides and its recent economic development has created greater conflict within urban and natural environments. Its diversity, complexity and rich culture has fascinated me for years.

What is it that you love about Amsterdam that sets it apart from other cities?

Countless canals and extravagant architectures reflected into them. Amsterdam has remained a historical city with a rich culture whilst embracing modernity. Moreover it is a very international city. where one can hear accents and languages from all over the world.

Amsterdam Vacation Honeymoon Family Holiday Photographer

Where is your favourite place to go to unwind and relax?

Cycling along the canal ring and perhaps sitting on one of the wooden platforms/piers on the canals and taking in the surroundings.

Name your top 3 must see places for visitors to Amsterdam.

  • Canal ring
  • Jordaan
  • Rijkmuseum

And finally, whats the one non-photography item you keep with you at all times.

My dog Penny, she is the best companion when i’m out taking photos. Or my diary, where I write down my ideas for shooting.

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