Gone are the days of out of focus vacation shots, poor selfies and pestering strangers for photos of you and your loved ones. Pictrip are a self-titled ‘destination photography’ business that are changing the way in which you remember your travels.

Pictrip photoshoot in St. Luke's Mews, London, UK

Pictrip have solved a problem that the majority of us have likely to of experienced, returning home from your travels with photos that do not represent the beautiful location or great times you had.

The idea was born during a trip to Venice as explained by Aaron, the owner of Pictrip – “I took my partner to Venice for her birthday, neither of us had been before. My intentions were to return with beautiful photos that showcased our journey in one of the most scenic cities in the world, I even bought a high-end digital camera. The reality was a few good images but mainly photos clearly taken by an amateur and hardly any of us together because one of us always had to take the photo”

Aaron explains that the idea is a simple one – “we pair you with a local professional photographer that know their city like the back of their hand. We will firstly organise the locations based on your needs, whether it be a romantic getaway with your partner, your children’s first vacation or a livelier one with your friends. You will meet the photographer in a pre-determined location where the photographer can start to capture those all too often forgotten moments”

Pictrip photoshoot in Portobello Road, London

“Not all of us are able to leave a long lasting legacy in the short time we have. Photography is one of the most important tools in order to document what we have achieved and the beautiful places we have visited. There is no better feeling than looking over photos that serve as reminders of the good times gone by and sharing those with others, maybe your children or grandchildren”

Pictrip are a brand that cares about every single photo taken. Their focus is on customer service and ensuring that the client’s needs are fully understood, which enables them to organise custom routes through the chosen city.

They have carefully sourced professional photographers all over the world that fit their vision and the photographers have some impressive experience in the fashion and commercial world of photography.

And for those of you thinking ‘I’m not too sure about being in front of a camera’, Pictrips style of photography is candid which means there are no posing or cheesy smiles. Simply go about your business seeing the sights and the photographer will capture those moments in an effortless and documentary style. Which means the photos produced are so good they are guaranteed to make your friends jealous when you inevitably upload them to your social media profiles.

Once the shoot has taken place you will receive a link to a beautifully designed online gallery within 5 working days. From there you can download the professional edited images for your own use or even share them to social media directly.

The idea of your own personal travel photographer is such a novel idea and with the change in attitudes towards photography in recent years (we don’t think twice about using a camera on a long stick), it is sure to become more and more popular as we try to out do each other on social media.

Pictrip can also help you capture a wedding proposal, helping you find the perfect spot and arranging for the photographer to discreetly capture the moment, or even a honeymoon photographer for a romantic shoot. Whatever the occasion Pictrips team of photographers have a vast wealth of experience in high fashion, wedding and just about every other type of photography.

Pictrip are currently operating from 20 destinations worldwide but are expanding to keep up with demand.

Couple getting married in Rome, Italy