Visiting this iconic city soon? check out our list of the best places for photos in London.

In a city where every corner offers a unique photo opportunity, we compile the ultimate list of the best places for photos in London, including some of the most beautiful and creative locations. Whether it is to simply hone your photography skills or to capture the family in around this diverse city, we have you covered with this list.<\p>


Shoreditch is where the cool kids hangout and thanks to its busy markets, ethnic diversity and graffiti (including Banksy) it is great for street photography lovers.

Shoreditch links The City with the East End of London with the famous Brick Lane running straight through the middle.

Columbia road flower market is our favourite. Full of interesting people going about their business and, of course, the vast array of colours to soak up with your lens.

If its graffiti your after then the Cargo Club on Rivington street is home to two of Banksy’s pieces. Or walk along Brick lane from one end to the other and you’ll see some great street art.

Shoreditch, London


Often overlooked, the Barbican is a concrete estate built in the sixties and is a prominent example of British Brutalist architecture. Today the estate is still used as a housing estate, although nowadays the flats can go for huge sums.

The Barbican offers some of the most striking photography available in London, with concrete backdrops and showers of light seeping through the concrete underpasses and walkways. It also has a softer side with gardens and 2 man-made lakes.

Once you are done taking photographs don’t forget to check out the Barbican Centre, hosting classical and contemporary music and is the largest of its kind in Europe or the Barbican Art Gallery.

The Barbican may not be an obvious choice but it is certainly one of the best places for photos in London.

Holland Park

In the Kensington & Chelsea district of London lies a little known park which is perfect for a couple with their family.

Holland Park is diverse, to the north is a wooded area and in the central section are some beautiful and well-kept gardens, including the Kyoto garden, which is a Japanese garden showcasing a vibrant and colourful flower arrangement.

It also houses some great architecture including the ruins of Holland House itself and some beautiful archways with painted murals.

A women in Holland park next to some paintings, the best places for photos in London

St. Luke’s Mews & Portobello Road

Staying in Kensington & Chelsea with these two locations, St. Luke’s Mews you may recognise from the film Love Actually. This well kept mews offers some quirky terraced houses as backdrops, all with their own unique features and colours, including the pink house from the film covered in ivy and its very own pink bicycle for decoration.

A stones throw away you’ll find Portobello road, most famous for its market and large, brightly painted Victorian town houses. Simple stroll from the north end to the south and you’re guaranteed to stumble across quirky antiques stalls, cobbled side streets and interesting market sellers.

A women in St Lukes Mews in London, the best places for photos in London

Hampstead Heath

A large ancient park and one of the highest points in London on Parliament Hill, which means you can relax and admire the city from afar.

Hampstead Heath has a bit of everything including a cityscape backdrop, some beautiful lakes and rivers and forested areas. Great for trips with the family and perfect all year round is why Hampstead Heath makes our list of the best places for photos in London.

Once you’re done with the greenery, take a trip to nearby Hampstead Village, which is lined with cobbled streets, old pubs and plenty of quirky Victorian architecture.

A loving couple in Hampstead heath park London, the best places for photos in London

The Skyscraper tour

Everybody loves a tall building, maybe it’s their vastness or the wonderment of how a building on that scale could be built, either way there is something otherworldly about skyscrapers that attracts young & old. London is the most difficult city in the world to gain planning permission, as such an ancient city the English are reluctant to taint their long established skyline. This ensures that when a new building does get the go ahead, you can be assured it will be special.

Some of our favourite buildings include The Shard, The Lloyds building, The Leadenhall building and St. Pauls Cathedral.

london pic

The Tube

The London underground system, affectionately known as the Tube, offers some of the best photography spots in the city.

Our favourite is Southwark station, a new station in comparison to most. It features a glass ceiling that seeps light deep into the underground and creates a beautiful light and dark contrast.

Its archways, spiral stairs and endless characters going about their commute will give you a photo opportunity at every corner and is why the underground makes our list of the best spots for photos in London.

A women on the London Underground Southwark station, the best places for photos in London

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