Visiting this iconic city soon? check out our list of the best places for photos in New York.

New York is packed full of photo worthy locations that will have you uploading them to Instagram just as quick as you can take them. On your own, a romantic getaway with your partner or a livelier trip with friends, we give you our favourites to help you capture New York’s vibrant energy in our list of the best places for photos in New York.

Brooklyn Bridge & DUMBO

The Brooklyn Bridge is a must-see, an icon of New York City instantly recognisable. With its views over Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty the bridge is particularly beautiful at sunset. Watch it come alive with electric wonder as the lights are switched on at night.

At the south side of the bridge is Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass neighbourhood (DUMBO), which offers amazing views of both the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges.

Meatpacking District

The Meatpacking district has taken on many personas over the years and today is full of atmosphere with many restaurants and great nightlife. Our pick of things to see in the district include the High Line Park, a public park built on a historic freight rail line which has helped transform the district into the up market area it is today.

This district also offers amazing street art photo opportunities and has attracted the likes of Banksy during his Better Out Than In New York residency in 2013.

Times Square 

Not surprisingly, Times Square makes it onto our list of the best places for photos in New York because, day or night, Times Square offers spectacular scenes. Whether it be the entertaining artists, the party atmosphere or the stunning glow of the famous, brightly lit advertising.

Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan covers a large area of New York and we have included it as a whole simply because of its world famous architecture. New York’s skyline is quite easily the most recognisable silhouette of any on Earth, even if you have not visited the city before, wandering around each corner of Lower Manhattan is likely to have some recognisable feature.

Our favourite architecture and buildings in Lower Manhattan include One World Trade Centre, Empire State Building, 9/11 Memorial, and the Chrysler building.

Central Park

An idyllic retreat nestled in a sea of concrete, Central Park is unlike any other park you have visited. It is easy to underestimate its size and you can be forgiven for forgetting you’re in the middle of one of the most populated cities in the world.

As far as photos go, Central Park has its own unique opportunities. Hire a boat and paddle around the lake, go ice-skating, stroll through the beautifully kept Conservatory gardens or wander the outskirts of the park and snap the sheer contrast of greenery to concrete and steel.

Couple on a paddle boat in Central Park, the best places for photos in New York

Grand Central Station

Dating back to 1871, New Yorks’ Grand Central station is an icon in itself, the architecture of the main concourse is instantly recognisable and has been featured in many films.

As one of the worlds most visited tourist attractions, the hustle and bustle thousands of people per hour are what makes the station feel alive, great for people photography.

Young Man in Grand Central Stations, the best places for photos in New York

New York from above

Ok, so this option is going to set you back a few pennies but we think its well worth it. It’s one thing seeing the city skyline from the pavement but seeing it from above is a whole different story.

With a helicopter tour you get to see every corner of the city in all its glory, go at night for a truly spectacular experience. There are many heli-tour operators in New York but are highly rated.

New York from a Helicopter, the best places for photos in New York

If your photography skills are lacking or you want to make sure you and your family are all in front of the lens then hire a personal New York photographer to capture your travels. Leaving you to be able to enjoy the view and ensuring you come home with the vacation photos of a life time.