We give you 8 reasons why a personal travel photographer is this years hottest travel accessory and why this travel trend is set to keep growing in popularity.

Many of us go on vacation each year, beside your passport and money, a camera in one form or another is always an essential, but is there really any point taking a camera with you if you can’t capture the photos that you’re after? Save the room in your luggage and hire a travel photographer!

Travel is becoming more and more accessible every year with new and easier ways to visit cities all around the world such as Airbnb. There has never been a better time to hire a travel photographer and here are the reasons why…

Selfie’s – 

The trusted selfie. Awkwardly positioning the camera to get enough of yourself and your background in frame. Trying to make sure that your arm isn’t the focus of attention or that there isn’t any drunk students attempting to jump in on the shot. Selfie’s are useful but when you visit some of the most beautiful places on Earth you just need photos that are a little more professional and will stand the test of time

Pestering strangers –

We have all been there, reluctantly asking a stranger to take a quick photo of you and the partner whilst trying (and probably failing) not to look too cheesy, all whilst hoping they don’t run off with your camera. Only to receive your camera back and find that your head is missing from the shot or your eyes were closed and that moment is now lost forever.

blond woman in coat standing against the background of a mountain lake Como

Ughhh posing – 

These travel photographers for hire are professionals and some of the most talented photographers in the world. They know what a good photo looks like and wont make you stand there posing and shouting ‘cheese’. They capture your travels in a documentary style of photography, which means you get some great candid photos.

Not only that but a travel photographer is like a local friend and can direct you to some of the best spots in town including restaurants and places off the beaten track that you probably wouldn’t of known otherwise

Your children’s first vacation – 

Children grow up so quickly, a blink of the eye and they’re at school and no sooner after they’ve left home they’re starting their own lives with their families! Capture the moments what matter with a travel photographer. Trust us, you’ll thank us later when you’re able to sit down with the grandkids and bring out the family photo albums.


Killer social media photos –

Social media is at its all time high, everyone who is anyone has an instagram, twitter, Facebook or some kind of page! Guaranteed to get the most likes and have your friends asking in envy ‘how did you get such great photos?’.

A photo lasts forever –

There are some great gifts out there that allow you to keep track of all the beautiful places you have visited. Our favourites are pushpintravelmaps.com, buy a map for your wall and pin a flag for every destination you have visited. The online alternative is mytravelmap.tk where you can login and save your visited locations and even share to Facebook if that’s your thing.

Ultimately, the only item that will truly allow you to look back over your travels with any degree of detail is a photo. Try to think back to your last holiday, we struggled to remember much of any of our travels from over a year ago. A memory fades, digital photos do not and that is why your travels deserve to be captured through the eye of a professional photographer.


That special occasion –

Along with capturing a getaway, a personal photographer can be used to capture those special vacations, the once in a lifetime journeys. Maybe your going to propose and want to capture those few minutes to keep forever or on a honeymoon possibly and want to extend those wedding photos to your time away.

Investment –

Ok so maybe investment is a strong word but hear us out… the only time we really hire a photographer is during a wedding – a few hours once in a lifetime (hopefully) to treasure forever.

But let’s think about that for a moment. How often do you go on holiday? How much money do you invest in seeing the world? Are these moments any less important than a wedding? We don’t think and so and this is why you need to hire a professional photographer on your next ventures to invest in memories to share with the future grandkids.

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