Gothic Quarter & Port Vell:

You get exactly what you’d expect from Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter – beautiful architecture, winding narrow streets and plenty of plazas. It is closed to traffic so remains picturesque and perfect for photos. To top it off, the Gothic Quarter connects to Port Vell. Expect your shots to contain narrow, cobbled streets and gothic architecture as you casually stroll through and backdrops of sailing boats and yachts in the Port. Nearby locations include El Born and Parc de la Ciutadella and La Barcoloneta.

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Parc de la Ciutadella:

Fountains, colonnades, lakes and a wooly mammoth statue, the Ciutadella park has it all. If you want to see the greener side of Barcelona then its largest park will do just fine. Great for kids as the open spaces will allow them to run free. Expect photos with the stunning Cascada Monument and its surrounding fountains and hedgerows and lakes. Nearby locations include the Gothic Quarter and the Arc De Triomf.

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Park Güell:

A UNESCO world heritage site, Park Güell was designed by Antonio Gaudí. Around every corner their is an amazing photo opportunity. Its main features include the underground colonnades, the birds nests and of course Antonio Gaudí’s intricate mosaics. Located on Carmel Hill, offering views across Barcelona. Expect photos of colonnades, Gaudí artwork, views across the city and plenty of greenery.

Please note – this is an admission fee zone and should only be booked early morning to avoid crowds.

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Laberint Park:

A historical garden considered the most beautiful in Barcelona. Parc del Laberint d’Horta is a romantic mix of fountains, springs and pools and a fantastically romantic labyrinth made from hedgerows and its very own palace. It is relatively unknown to tourists and therefore peaceful. Expect photos of greenery, ornate gates and the towering hedgerows of the labyrinth.

Please note – the park has an admission fee.

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A mountain overlooking Barcelona, Tibidabo offers spectacular views over the city and its coastline like no other location. It’s also home to the Sagrat Cor, a neo gothic church rising high above the mountains. Expect panoramic photos of Barcelona from afar and backdrops of the church.

Please note – due to the remote location additional photographer transport fees may apply.

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La Barceloneta:

If you want shots of Barcelona as the locals see it then La Barceloneta is the neighbourhood for you. With tight streets lined with tall buildings framing your shots, you’ll get an authentic Barcelona feel. However, the main attraction is the beach and the promenade that runs alongside it. Expect photos of beach scenes and narrow residential streets. Nearby locations include Port Vell and the Gothic Quarter.

Please note – early morning shoots only to ensure the beach is not overcrowded.

Tags: Couples | Beach


Christopher Columbus Park & Harbour walk:

Sitting on the edge of the harbour, Christopher Columbus Park is a well maintained public space. At its heart is a tree lined walkway complete with a picturesque pagola decorated with foliage. You won’t need to venture far to find the harbour front and its walkway where you can stroll onto the many docks for shots with sailing boats and yachts and quintessential Boston Architecture both wooden and brick.

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Beacon Hill & Louisburg Square:

As an historic neighbourhood in one of the United States Oldest cities, Beacon Hill has a lot to offer. The area is famed for its federal style row houses, gaslit streets and brick sidewalks. One particularly picturesque street is Acorn street, narrow and framed by red brick buildings. It is also home to the  spectacular Massachusetts State House. The square offers views of a residential Boston with red brick in all directions. Nearby locations include the Esplanade and the Boston common.

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Copley Square:

An historic space that creates a contrast of new and old. In one scene you’ll have the the Trinity church and in another you’ll have the glazed facade of the John Hancock building – Boston’s tallest. You’ll find downtown scenes of a working city with traditional red brick pavements, the historic fountain and Old South Church.

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The Esplanade:

A serene and picturesque stretch of park running alongside the harbour. Away from the busy streets of elsewhere in the city, The Esplanade is a place for peace and quiet as you soak up views of sailing boats and view of the Charles River and its opposite banks. Nearby locations include Beacon Hill and Copley Square.

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Mt. Evans:

Part of the Rocky Mountains, Mount Evans is the highest in its group of mountain ranges, offering views up to 100 miles away on a clear day. Conveniently, you can drive almost all the way to its summit making it perfect for a mountain top photo shoot. From the rocky peak you’ll find backdrops of mountain ranges in every direction and you’ll also find the Meyer-Womble Observatory for some perspective to your shots.

Please note – 2 hour shoots only due to the remote location and photographer transport fees will apply.

Only to be booked in spring and summer. Appropriate clothing and footwear required.

Tags: Couples | Friends | Family | Kids | Proposal

Chatauqua Park:

A large open space, Chatauqua park is unlike parks you might find in other cities due to its surroundings. The park itself is a no frills space but with mountains ranges in all directions it’s the backdrops that will astound. In the summer you’ll find dusty trails surrounded by green grass that climbs the hilltops. Nearby you’ll find the beginning of trails into Green Mountain.

Tgas: Couples | Family | Romantic | Park

Flagstaff Mountain:

Another car friendly location that sits you on top of a mountain range overlooking the city of Denver and the Rocky Mountains. Trees frame your shots in all directions and if you willing to go off the trail a little, you’ll find huge boulders to climb where you can perch as if on the edge of the world.

Please note – 2 hour shoots only due to the remote location and photographer transport fees will apply.

Only to be booked in spring and summer. Appropriate clothing and footwear required.

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Al Bastakiya & Dubai creek:

A rare glimpse of historical Dubai, Al Bastakiya is a district that stays true to a Dubai before the skyscrapers arrived. With traditional clay colour buildings and narrow streets leading into courtyards. The district sits next to the Dubai creek which you can casually stroll along for backdrops of working boats and luxury yachts alike. Nearby locations include the Souk’s.

Tags: Couples | Family | Friends | Historic

Dubai Marina:

As you stroll along the marina walk you’ll encounter backdrops of sailing boats and super yachts on one side and skyscraper after skyscraper on the other. The marina walk is a peaceful place away from the stresses of busy Downtown Dubai. Consider going here at night when the lights of the skyscrapers create a stunning backdrop.

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The Miracle Garden:

With 100 million blooming flowers the Miracle garden is an explosion in colour. The gardens are no ordinary gardens either, with the many structures created entirely of flowers. Including the Burj Khalifa, houses and the largest single flower arrangement structure in the world – the Airbus A380.

Please note – this is a morning only location to avoid crowds. This is an admission fee attraction.

Tags: Couple | Family | Kids | Gardens | Colourful

Downtown Dubai:

If you’re looking for photos with the Burj Khalifa then Downtown Dubai is as close as you can get. It is also home to the Dubai Mall and Dubai Fountain. Stroll around the lake for pictures dominated by the tallest building in the world shots across the water.

Please note – this is a sunrise or sunset only location to avoid crowds.

Tags: Couples | Friends | Family | Modern | City

Jumeirah Beach & Burj Al Arab:

There are many beautiful beaches in Dubai but none of them have the view of the Burj al Arab Hotel quite like Jumeirah beach. Situated only a stones throw away from the iconic hotel, you’ll enjoy a peaceful stroll along the beach with the famous white sands of the beach and a backdrop of the Burj al Arab.

Please note – this is a sunrise or sunset only location to avoid crowds.

Tags: Couples | Solo | Family | Kids | Romantic | Proposal | Beach


The Grand Canal:

A modern space leading off the river Liffey, the Grand Canal is littered with sculptures and contemporary buildings. It is especially beautiful at night when lit up in colourful neon lights. Expect photos on the banks and jetties of the canal with backdrops of modernist architecture and peaceful waters. Nearby locations include the Samuel Beckett Bridge.

Tags: Couples | Solo | Friends | Family | Modern | Architecture | Colour | City

Temple Bar:

An area on the south bank of the River Liffey, Temple Bar is full of colourful and stereotypical Irish pubs including Temple Bar pub, The Palace Bar, The Auld Dubliner and The Oliver St. John Gogarty. All nestled into narrow cobbled streets. Expect photos of the brightly painted facades of the many pubs and in narrow side streets. Nearby locations include the River Liffey and the Ha’ Penny Bridge.

Tags: Couples | Friends | Solo | Colour | City

Guinness Hop Store:

The hop store is located to the west of the city of Dublin and sits within large stone walls protected by those famous black gates with the golden Guinness logo. Entrance to the brewery is by admission only. Expect photos of old brick buildings, cobbled streets and those gates.

Tags: Friends | Couples | Historic

Lake Como

Bellagio – Villa Melzi d’Eril:

In the village of Bellagio and on the edge of the lake lies an early 19th century Villa. Although the Villa itself is off limits, the surrounding botanic and japanese gardens offer the most beautiful scenes with every shrub and tree well maintained. The gardens also offer views all the way up to the shore of the lake for spectacular backdrops of the hillside and mountains and peaceful waters. Expect plenty of nature scenes and walks along the lake.

Please note – due to Lake Como being a large area,  photographer transport fees may apply. Admission fees may apply.

Tags: Couples | Solo | Friends | Family | Kids | Romantic | Proposal | Architecture | Gardens

Lido di Lenno – Villa del Balbianello:

The village of Lido di Lenno is home to the Villa del Balbianello, an 18th century Villa famous for its elaborate terraced gardens and many film appearances including the James Bond movie Casino Royale. Located on a wooden peninsula, this location is pure serenity on the edge of the lake. expect photos of well kept gardens and views across the lake with backdrops of the Lake Como mountain ranges.

Please note – due to Lake Como being a large area,  photographer transport fees may apply. Admission fee applies.

Tags: Couples | Solo | Friends | Family | Kids | Romantic | Proposal | Architecture | Gardens


As a residential village this location offers a lot more as you stroll in and out of the cobbled side streets and along the lake front. It features piers into the lake, winding stone steps and beautifully quaint cafés and restaurants. Expect photos across the lake from piers and shots along tight cobbled streets with Varenna architecture.

Please note – due to Lake Como being a large area,  photographer transport fees may apply.

Tags: Couples | Solo | Friends | Family | Kids Romantic | Architecture


One of the larger villages in the Lake Como district, Menaggio offers busier scenes than other locations. Its main features are views across the lake with sailing boats in shot at the harbour. A pier, cobbled streets and plazas and a promenade along the lake front where you’ll also grab shots with backdrops of the buildings scaling the hillside.

Please note – due to Lake Como being a large area,  photographer transport fees may apply.

Tags: Couples | Solo | Friends | Family | Kids Romantic | Architecture



On the banks of the River Thames, Westminster is traditional London and includes the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. A stones throw away you will also find the London Eye and the famous red telephone boxes. Expect the most famous views of London as your backdrop. Nearby locations include Trafalgar Square.

Tags: Couples | Friends | Solo | Family |  Architecture | Historic | City

Covent Garden:

A famous neo-classical indoor shopping area dating back to 1830. Quaint shops line the indoor section whilst street performers and market stalls pepper the outdoor spaces. Nearby you will find the Royal Opera House with its beautiful collonades and Neal’s Yard – an alleyway with brightly painted buildings and a central courtyard filled with cafe’s. Expect photos of working London with centuries old architecture.

Tags: Friends | Couples | Family | Architecture | Colour | City

Piccadilly Circus: 

Connecting Regent Street with Piccadilly, Piccadilly Circus is an open space famous for its large, brightly lit, digital advertising signage. Great just before sunset where you get the best impact from the sun and the digital signs. Nearby you will find Leicester Square and the famous shopping areas of Carnaby Street in SoHo and Regent Street. Expect red buses, those huge digital signs and a busy London as your backdrop.

Please note – this is an sunrise or sunset location only to avoid crowds

Tags: Friends | Solo | Colour | City

Buckingham Palace:

Her Majesty’s London residence, Buckingham Palace is a symbol of the British monarchy. Tourists flock to see the changing of the guard, the Victoria Memorial and the majestic iron and golden gates of nearby Green Park.

Tags: Couples | Family | Proposal | Historic | Romantic | Park

Holland Park: 

A little known park in London’s upmarket Kensington. This gem is well kept all year round and at its heart is the Kyoto garden – a Japanese garden complete with Koi carp, a bridge and waterfall and plenty of flowers. Other features include hedgerow walkways and some fantastic architectural archways. Nearby locations include Portobello road. Expect plenty of nature scenes.

Tags: Family | Kids | Couples | Proposal | Romantic | Colour | Park

Portobello Road:

A upmarket area in Londons Notting Hill district. Portobello Road is famous for its bric-a-brac shops and antique markets. It is also home to some spectacular brightly painted victorian town houses and a beautiful quaint and cobbled secret street where Love Actually was filmed. Expect London residential streets as depicted in movies and lots of quirky shops full of antiques. Nearby locations include Holland Park.

Tags: Solo | Couples | Friends | Colour | Architecture | City


Known for its fashionable cool kids, Shoreditch, in Londons East End is full of trendy bars, restaurants and lots of graffiti – Shoreditchs side streets are peppered with authentic Banksy pieces. Brick Lane is at its heart and you can expect backdrops of colourful graffiti and scenes of urban London.

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Los Angeles

Hollywood Boulevard:

A Los Angeles cultural icon, Hollywood Boulevard is packed with museums, landmarks and other attractions that celebrate L.A.’s rich film and entertainment heritage. The first and most obvious is the Hollywood walk of Fame, other features include the IMAX Chinese Theatre and Madame Tussuard’s.

Please note – best enjoyed in the morning to avoid crowds.

Tags: Family | Friends | City | Modern

Santa Monica Pier & Beach:

An iconic pier with its very own amusement park set on Santa Monica’s flat, sweeping beach. On the pier you’ll find a beautiful wooden deck and you can even venture under the pier for shots walking through the pillars. Best at sunset when the sun creates a romantic scene.

Please note – this is a sunrise or sunset location only to avoid crowds.

Tags: Couples | Family | Kids | Romantic | Beach

Venice Beach Boardwalk:

Labeled as a “cultural hub known for its many eccentricities”, the boardwalk has been depicted in films and popular culture for many years. From the scenes of half dressed skaters, golden sands and palm trees and various street stalls and shops lining the promenade and street performers too.

Tags: Couple | Family | Solo | Friends | Kids | Romantic | Beach

Griffith Observatory & Hollywood Sign:

At the top of Mount Hollywood you’ll find one of Los Angeles’ most iconic buildings. In its unmistakable Art Deco exterior, the Griffith Observatory sits proud overlooking the whole of Los Angeles with views of the city and its skyscrapers and the Hollywood sign. Expect photos with the silhouette of the city from afar and and the beautiful white facade of the observatory.

Please note – shots will not be close ups of the Hollywood sign and cannot always be seen on an unclear day. There may also be photographer transport fees due to the remote location of the observatory.

Tags: Couples | Solo | Friends | Architecture

Hollywood Sign Hike:

If the iconic Hollywood Sign is all that your are interested in then we can arrange for you to get up close and personal. You can even get behind the sign for a well prized photo of DOOWYLLOH with the Los Angeles skyline and Griffith Observatory in the distance.

Please note – this is a Hike with a minumum of 4 miles walking. For this reason it is a minimum of a 2 hour shoot. Photographer transport fees may apply.

Tags: Couple | Friends | Solo


Hosier Lane Street Art:

Hosier Lane is a bluestone cobbled street on the southern edge of the central city grid. Hosier lane is a much celebrated landmark mainly due to its sophisticated Urban art. With every inch of the brick wall covered in graffiti, the walkway is as colourful as it gets. Expect urban city scape photos with the rainbow walls of the street art as a backdrop. Nearby locations include Southgate and Federation Square.

Tags: Friends | Solo | Modern | City

St. Kilda Beach & Pier:

With the title of Melbourne’s most famous beach, St. Kilda Beach has miles of golden sands. The beach faces west which means you get a spectacular sunset as the sun disappears over the horizon and into the sea. You can take a walk out onto the pier which houses a harbour full of sailing boats. If your lucky you may even get a glimpse of the penguins which nest in the rocks. Nearby locations include Luna Park.

Please note – this is a sunrise or sunset location only to avoid crowds.

Tags: Couples | Family | Kids | Romantic | Proposal | Beach

Luna Park:

Situated near the beach, Luna Park is a no ordinary amusement park as it contains many of its original rides. Including a white wooden tracked coaster which is the oldest continually operated in the world. With the bizarre entrance and bright colours of the rides and stalls, Luna Park offers a quirky, fun shoot that is sure to be different from anything else in Melbourne. Nearby locations include St. Kilda Beach.

Tags: Family | Couples| Kids | Friends | Solo | Colour

Webb Bridge & Docklands:

At Melbourne Docklands you’ll find an award winning pedestrian bridge spanning the Yarra River with a unique canopy that creates a web like pattern. At night it is lit up for a beautiful backdrop to your photos. The docklands itself is also a wonderful location full of contemporary buildings, sailing boats moored in the harbour and the tranquil river.

Tags: Couples | Solo | Friends | Architecture | Modern | City

Federation Square:

A public space that connect the Yarra River with the city’s famous Flinders Street, Federation square is a beautiful space surrounded by contemporary Architecture in all directions. The paving itself is a piece of artwork, other features include the glazed walls of the Atrium, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the metallic Shards. Expect an urban backdrop of steel and glass and geometric shapes of the buildings facades. Nearby locations include Southgate and Flinders Street.

Please note – this is a sunrise or sunset location only to avoid crowds.

Tags: Couples | Solo | Friends | Architecture | Modern | City


Piazza del Duomo:

The piazza marks the centre of Milan both geologically and culturally and is dominated by the spectacular Duomo cathedral. The cathedral is the largest in Italy and a marvel in architecture with its construction spanning centuries. The piazza also hosts the entrant to the most glamorous shopping centre in the world – the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele which makes for some grand photos. Nearby locations include Piazza Mercanti and Palazzo Reale.

Tags: Couples | Solo | Proposal | Friends | Romantic | Historic | Architecture | City

Castello Sforzesco:

A medieval fortress nestled within Sempione Park. The former citadel now houses a vast art collection and its courtyards, large walls and gardens offer beautiful backdrops for photos. Expect photos of vast castle walls, well kept gardens and large courtyards. Nearby locations include Parco Sempione and its multiple features.

Tags: Couples | Solo | Friends | Family | Kids | Historic | Gardens

Parco Sempione:

Adjacent to the Castello Sforzesco, the Sempione park has many beautiful features including the Peace arch, Fontana dell’ acqua marcia and its own small lake complete with picturesque bridge. Nearby locations include the Castello Sforzesco.

Tags: Couples | Friends | Family | Kids | Romantic | Park


Rue des Remparts & Palais des Princes:

High above the city you’ll find the residence of the Prince of Monaco, offering a beautiful backdrop of architecture from the 12th century. The highlight of this location is surely the views across Monaco. One side of the palace there are views to the North framed by a canopy of trees and the other side lies Rue de ramparts – a road with spectacular views over the harbour to the north. If that wasn’t enough their is also Saint Nicholas Church. Our photographers favourite location to shoot.

Tags: Couples | Friends | Family | Romantic | Architecture | City

Jardin Japonais de Monaco:

Monaco’s Japanese garden is a serene and zenful place for relaxation. Featuring its own replica mountain, hill, beach area, a waterfall and ponds full of Koi carp, the garden is a fantastic space to escape from the opulence of Monte Carlo. Nearby locations include Place du Casino.

Tags: Couples | Romantic | Colour | Gardens

Place du Casino:

The world famous Monte Carlo Casino is where the rich & famous come to unwind. The building itself is just as flamboyant and the entrance is sure to be lined with supercars making a backdrop that is uniquely Monaco. A stones throw away you’ll also find the Monaco pavilions. Nearby locations include the Japanese gardens.

Tags: Couples | Friends | Architecture

Jardin Exotique de Monaco:

Perched high above the city on the edge of the hill top sits the Monaco Exotic gardens. A garden specialising in plants that are accustomed to dry, arid climates, it features endless cacti. The tight, winding walkways guide your through the hilltops with exotic plants as far as the eye can see. You’ll also find views down onto Monaco’s coastline and harbours.

Please note – admission fees apply.

Tags: Couples | Family | Kids | Gardens

New York

Times Square:

One of the worlds busiest pedestrian intersections, Times Square is most famous for its countless and mesmerising digital advertising. It is also home to many street performers and those famous red Bleacher stairs. The square is especially scenic just before sunset when the light pierces through the skyscrapers and the neon lights of the advertising are on. Expect photos framed by skyscrapers brightly lit advertising, street performers, those red steps and many other tourists. Nearby locations include the Rockefeller Center.

Tags: Couples | Solo | Proposal | Friends | Family | Kids | Modern | City

Brooklyn Bridge & DUMBO:

Over recent years Brooklyn has seen heavy development and gentrification making it a must see area for any New York visitor. The bridge is its most famous feature but it has much more to offer including Brooklyn bridge park and that famous view over the East River to Lower Manhattan and its skyscrapers. Janes Carousel – a fully working 1920’s carousel just under the Brooklyn bridge. Washington street’s red brick buildings creates an iconic view of the bridge and the rainbow wall to name but a few. Expect instantly recognisable backdrops of Manhattan and the bridge and iconic red brick buildings.

Tags: Couples |  Friends | Family | kids | Solo | Architecture | Modern | City |

Central Park:

possibly the most famous park in world, certainly the most recognisable on a map. Central park offers a serenity in an otherwise manic city and plenty of opportunities for photos. For romantics the Bow bridge and nearby Bethesda fountain is a must see. There is also the boating lake and the ‘Pond’, not to mention the surreal backdrop of towering skyscrapers lining the parks boundaries.

Tags: Couples | Family | Kids | Romantic | Park

The High Line:

A disused, elevated railway line that once served the meat district has since been turned into a beautiful walkway spanning 1.45 miles of the west side of Manhattan. Where life whizzes by only meters below, the High Line moves at a leisurely pace as you gently stroll the park full of greenery and views along New York’s avenues. Expect photos of contrasting views of the High Line’s greenery and towering skyscrapers.

Tags: Couples | Solo | Friends | Family | Kids | Romantic | Architecture | Modern | Gardens | City

5th Avenue & Rockefeller Center:

Consisting of 19 skyscrapers, the most famous being 30 Rockefeller Plaza, the Rockefeller Centre has something for everyone. Grab iconic photos out front with the building itself and with the 200 national flags which add plenty of colour to your shots. As an added bonus, world famous Fifth avenue runs adjacent which offers a stroll along the worlds luxuries shopping street. Nearby locations include Times Square and the LOVE sign.

please note – this is a sunrise or sunset location only too avoid crowds.

Tags: Family | Kids | Modern | City


Jardin du Monastère de Cimiez:

The Cimiez monastery is a beautiful 16th century building, but its the gardens that will amaze. Featuring colourful flower beds, orange and lemon groves and views across Nice. The gardens are well kept all year round and have kept their original layout as they were designed in the 16th century. If that wasn’t enough you’ll also find the Matisse museum at the edge of the garden.

Tags: Couples | Family | Friends | Kids | Romantic | Proposal | Architecture | Gardens

Port de Nice:

As one of the main ports in the French Riviera, Port de Nice is thriving with boats from small sailing boats to super yachts. You can also walk out onto the harbour wall for views out into the Mediterranean. Nearby locations include Parc de la Colline Du Château.

Tags: Couples | Friends

Parc de la Colline Du Château:

19.3 hectares of park situated on one of Nice’s many hills, the Parc de la Colline Du Château is a peaceful and serene place offering breathtaking views over the coastline. Many features make this park picturesque including the Bellanda tower at the top of the hill, a beautiful waterfall and many flowers. Nearby locations include Port de Nice.

Tags: Couples | Family | Kids | Romantic | Gardens

Promenade du Paillon & Jardin Albert:

Through the heart of Nice lies the Promenade du Paillon & Jardin Albert which sandwich the beautiful open space of Place Masséna. You’ll find sculptures, well kept grass areas and the mirror fountain which is an interactive feature that shoots water randomly as you walk through it, great in the summer. to top it off there is plenty of Nice architecture to enjoy including Place Garibaldi and the Lycée Massena.

Tags: Couples | Friends | Singles | Family | Kids | Gardens | City


Eiffel Tower from Trocadéro:

Place du Trocadéro is the not only the perfect distance from the tower for shots, it is also the most impactful. Located at the Palais de Chaillot, Trocadéro is simply an elevated square open space built for the 1867 worlds fair. The two wings of the palace frame the Eiffel tower magnificently and have inspired many a marriage proposal. Expect photos with the Eiffel Tower dominating the skyline. Nearby locations include the Jardins du Trocadero and its fountains and a beautiful carousel.

Tags: Couples | Proposal | Family | Friends | Solo | Kids | Romantic | Architecture | Gardens


Located at the highest point of the city, the Sacré-Couer Basilica offers views of Paris like no other. The basilica, dating back to 1914, is a Roman-Byzantine piece of Architecture. If that wasn’t enough, at the front of the basilica is a sloping green area that makes for romantic photos looking back up towards the church. Expect photos with the city of Paris stretched out as far as the eye can see and the famous white facade of the basilica. Nearby locations include the tree pergola of parc Marcel Bleustein Blanchet.

Tags: Couples | Proposal | Family | Kids | Romantic | Historic | Architecture | Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens:

The Jardin du Luxembourg, famed for its calm atmosphere, dates back to 1612 and has some beautiful features that make it Paris’ most romantic gardens. With its very own palace and large water feature and not to mention the garden of statues, the Luxembourg gardens make for a very romantic stroll. Expect peaceful photos of well kept greens, statues and the beatuful palace. Nearby locations include the Panthéon.

Tags: Couples | Kids | Family | Romantic | Gardens

Île Saint-Louis:

A natural island in the middle of the Seine, Île Saint-Louis is a peaceful place with only narrow streets and very little traffic. Mainly residential, this island will give you a feel for a traditional Paris as you stroll along the banks of the Seine. Expect photos dominated by tall, elegant residential buildings on cobbled streets and quaint café’s and restaurants. Nearby locations include the four bridges connecting the island and Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Tags: Couples | Solo | Romantic | Architecture


Creating a rectangular courtyard that houses the Grand Louvre Pyramids, the Louvre palace is a spectacular building in size and beauty and an instantly recognisable landmark. Expect photos of the golden hue of the palace and the pyramids and their fountains. Nearby locations include the Jardin des Tuileries and Le Palais Royal.

Tags: Couples | Solo | Proposal | Family | Kids | Romantic | Historic | Architecture


A medieval cathedral widely recognised as the finest example of French Gothic architecture. Notre-Dame is among the largest and well known churches in the world. Expect photos of the medieval architecture including gargoyles and lots of other tourists unless your willing to get there early. Nearby locations include Île Saint-Louis and a walk along the banks of the Seine.

Tags: Family | Kids | Historic | Architecture


Monti & The Colosseum:

Monti is Rome’s secret neighbourhood, although the Colosseum sits only yards away, tourists rarely venture into its narrow cobbled streets. So much to see in this neighbourhood with cafés and beautiful residential buildings. Plenty of colour coming from trees, potted plants on every corner and ivy clinging to buildings. Not to mention the Colosseum being beautifully framed through the side streets. Expect photos of cobbled streets, the colosseum and typical Rome. Nearby locations include Parco Del Colle Oppio.

Tags: Couples | Solo | Proposal | Family | Kids | Romantic | Historic | Architecture | Park


The 13th district of Rome, Trastevere is a picturesque, medieval area. Similar to Monti, however has the added feature of the River Tiber running alongside where you can venture down to its banks and take a stroll under centuries old bridges while the city hustles above. Expect photos of cobbled streets, traditional Rome architecture and the Tiber. Nearby locations include Botanical gardens and the Fontana dell’Acqua Paola.

Tags: Couples | Solo | Friends | Family | Kids | Romantic | City

St. Peters Square & The Basilica:

A vast plaza that sits in front of St. Peters Basilica in Vatican City. At its centre lies a 25 metre Egyptian obelisk dating back to the 16th century. Encompassing the plaza are colonnades four deep that make for fantastic photos. Tourists flock to this site in their millions each year so visit early to avoid too many tourists.  Nearby locations include a walk along the River Tiber and Castel Sant’Angelo.

Please note – this is a sunrise or sunset location only due to crowds.

Tags: Couples | Proposal | Historic | Architecture

Villa Borghese Gardens:

One of the largest public gardens in Rome, Villa Borghese has enough features to keep you entertained for hours. Some of those features include Piazza di Siena, a beautiful open space used for equestrian events. The Pincian Hill which overlooks Rome from a height, the Villa Borghese itself and the Temple of Asclepius. Expect photos of greenery, Rome from afar and the picturesque Villa.

Tags: Couples | Solo | Proposal | Family | Kids | Romantic | Gardens

The Spanish Steps:

Connecting the Piazza di Spagna and the Piazza Trinità dei Monti, the 135 Spanish steps are a triditional Rome meeting place. At the bottom you’ll find the Fontana della Barcaccia and at the summit is dominated by the Trinità dei Monti church. Expect photos of the iconic steps and views across Rome from the top. Nearby locations include Villa Medici and Villa Borghese Gardens.

Tags: Couples | Proposal | Friends | Romantic | Architecture

Please note – this is a sunrise or sunset location only due to crowds.

San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge:

The most recognisable bridge in the world, such is it’s size the Golden Gate Bridge can be enjoyed from many view points. Our favourite locations include Baker Beach, with the added bonus of a romantic stroll along sandy shores. Battery Spencer offers an elevated view of the bridge from the North side. Then there is Torpedo Wharf, jutting into the bay as if made for photos of the bridge. Or why not get up close and personal and walk across the bridge? Nearby locations will depend on where you wish to view the bridge.

Please note – San Francisco bay is notorious for its fog and may mean the bridge is not completely visible.

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Fishermans Wharf:

A neighbourhood and popular tourist area on the northern waterfront of the bay. Once a thriving area for fisherman, it has since become one of the most well known tourist attractions in the western United States. It has many features including the wooden decked Pier 39 with many intricate walk ways with unique local shops and a scenic walk along the sea front. Expect photos on piers with working boats and shots across the bay.

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The Painted Ladies & Alamo Square Park:

In the middle of residential San Francisco lies a row of beautifully painted Victorian houses sitting proud. As the street slopes in a typical San Francisco way, the city and the Transamerica building rise in the background on a clear day. All can be captured from Alamo Square Park which sits peacefully out front. Expect photos of on the steep streets of the city with backdrops of scenic residential San Francisco and trees. Nearby locations include Haight & Ashbury.

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Haight & Ashbury:

A district of San Francisco, Haight & Ashbury is famous for its hippie culture. This district is has its share of steep streets and brightly coloured Victorian homes which offers a stereotypical views of residential San Francisco as you stroll through. Nearby locations include the Painted Ladies.

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Palace of Fine Arts Theatre:

Constructed for the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition, the fine arts Theatre is a beautiful piece of Architecture. Featuring a huge pergola around a central structure set on the edge of a lagoon, architecture doesn’t get more romantic than this. Expect photos of a peaceful lagoon as the building reflects off its surface and backdrops of beautiful arches. Nearby locations include views of the bridge.

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Boasting the title of the oldest Chinatown in the United States. San Francisco’s Chinatown is lined with restaurants and bars and adorned with colourful lanterns, set upon those typical steep streets. you’ll also find views of the Transamerica building only minutes away. Expect views of a working city with colour and Chinese culture. Nearby locations include the Transamerica skyscraper.

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Sydney Opera House:

As one of the most recognisable buildings on earth, Sydney’s Opera House needs no introduction. The opera house occupies Bennelong Point in Sydney’s harbour, a stones through away from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Your photos will be a mix of the beautiful shells of the Opera house, the wide steps which sit elegantly out front and views across the harbour with the bridge. Nearby locations include the Government house and the Royal Botanic Gardens.

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Mrs. Macquarie’s Point:

A peninsula with the best views of the harbour, this view is likely to be the picture of Sydney you have in mind. You’ll have the city of Sydney and its skyscrapers to the left, the Opera house and bridge in the middle and views across the bay all around. You can even venture down onto the rocky shore. Nearby locations include the Royal Botanic Gardens.

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Luna Park:

If the obvious Sydney scenes are not your thing then Luna Amusement park may be for you. Sitting at the foot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it still offers views of the bridge and Opera House but you’ll also get the bright and colourful quirky backdrop of its rides and its bizarre entrance. Entrance to the park is free. Nearby locations include the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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Nathan Phillips Square:

An urban plaza in the centre of Toronto, it hosts many events throughout the year from arts, concerts and the famous ice rink in Winter. The square is a popular meeting place and features a reflecting pool which turns into a skating rink in winter, an elevated walkway looking down onto the square and towering skyscrapers in all directions. Currently the square is home to a large ‘Toronto’ sign which has become a popular attraction. Fantastic at sunrise and sunset as the sun pierces through the surrounding buildings. To top it off, the CN tower pokes through from one end of the square. Expect a modern city scene with skyscraper backdrops. Nearby locations include Union Station.

Please note – this location is a early morning or sunset only location due to crowds.

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The Harbourfront offers more tranquil scenes to the concrete views elsewhere in Toronto. Features include the Simcoe Wavedeck, the Toronto Music Garden, plenty of piers extending into the harbour and the Amsterdam bridge. With the harbour dominating one side and the CN tower the other, the Harbour front offers many photo opportunities. Nearby locations include Union Station and Roundhouse park.

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Sugar Beach:

The white sun loungers and the pink carousels create a scene as if from a tropical beach but Sugar Beach is a small man made one on the edge of Toronto harbour. Grab some cool Instagram worthy photos here as the sun sets over the harbour and the carousels cast dramatic shadows at sunset. Nearby locations include the Harbourfront.

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Roundhouse Park:

Directly under the CN Tower and next to the Rogers Centre, Roundhouse Park is an urban open space home to the semi-circular building of the Steam Whistle Brewing company and Railway Museum, complete with old locomotives that make for unique photos opportunities. Expect photos of the CN Tower close enough to touch, The unique architecture of the roundhouse building and those locomotives. Nearby locations include the Harbourfront.

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Graffiti Alley:

Appropriately named Graffiti Alley, you’ll find hundreds of artworks covering every available wall space to make one huge colourful collage. The Alley offers a very modern feel to artwork as a designated graffiti zone and your backdrops with be as vibrant as it gets.

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Granville Island:

A peninsula located in the middle of False creek, Granville island is a hotspot for tourism, entertainment and shopping. The island is full of charm with plenty of boats moored at its various harbour spots and views across the creek to skyscrapers as you stroll the islands wooden decks. The island sits directly under the Granville bridge which makes for spectacular photos.

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Stanley Park:

Situated in the middle of Vancouver Harbour, Stanley Park is almost completely surrounded by water with views of the cityscape of Downtown Vancouver and the more mountainous region of North Vancouver. Named the “top park in the entire world” by TripAdvisor in 2014, the parks harbour front walk features the Brockton Point Lighthouse, Hallelujah Point and the Vancouver seawall to name but just a few.

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VanDeusen Botanical Gardens:

If you want a calm atmosphere then the Botanical Gardens offers just that. Everything you’d expect from beautifully maintained gardens and more. The Elizabethan maze, the colourful Korean Pavilion, ponds with lily pads and wooden decks all make a peaceful escape with a stunning nature backdrop. Nearby locations include Queen Elizabeth Park.

Please note – admission fees apply.

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As a national historic site, Gastown is a diverse neighbourhood with a mix of hip restaurants, bars and interior furnishing boutiques. It’s a bustling downtown hub where trees line the street and a mix of architecture make for a uniquely Vancouver backdrop. You’ll also find the famous steam powered clock and the Gassy jack statue. Expect photos of red brick buildings and great architecture in a downtown setting. Nearby locations include the Vancouver Lookout.

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Coal Harbour, Canada Place & The Olympic Cauldron:

The harbour is a picturesque stretch of water in downtown Vancouver. Enjoy views out into the harbour, walkways into the water and a fantastic backdrop of the mountains on a clear day. Along the harbour you’ll also find Canada Place which is a Canadian icon and home to national celebrations. In between the two is the Olympic Cauldron built for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Nearby locations include Gastown.

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Lynn Canyon:

With trees as tall as skyscrapers, an accessible river framed by boulders and a suspension bridge, Lynn Canyon is the Canadian wilderness at its best. Take comfortable footwear and be ready for lots of walking as you grab photos walking across the parks main feature, the suspension bridge.

Please note – 2 hour shoots only due to remote location.

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Queen Elizabeth Park:

At 500 feet above sea level on Little Mountain, Queen Elizabeth Park is the highest point in Vancouver. Its main feature is a conservatory at the top of the mountain with a bubble roof rising from the ground. At this very location you’ll look down onto the city of Vancouver with the mountains in the background. Other features include a fountain pool and walkways winding through well kept gardens. Nearby locations include the VanDeusen Botanical Gardens.

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Piazza San Marco:

The most famous view of Venice, Piazza San Marco is the square at Venice’s heart with the Campanile di San Marco standing tall, St. Mark’s Basilica and endless colonnades for beautiful photos. This location is superbly romantic and if you’re lucky you might even grab a photo as a classical band plays in the background. Expect scenes of classic Venice. Nearby locations include the Bridge of Sighs and Gardini Reali.

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A district of Venice, Dorsoduro contains the highest point in Venice and locals say it is the best view of Piazza San Marco as you look across the Grand Canal. Less frequented by tourists, you will still find the typical Venice views of narrow streets, bridges and basilicas and is our photographers favourite location. Nearby locations include the Punta della Dogana.

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The district to the east side of the island, Castello is very much the residential area of Venice. If you want photos that truly depict life for the locals then this is your district, you will encounter far fewer tourists than areas to the west. Expect scenes of narrow streets and residential Venice.

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Basillica Dei Frari: 

At the heart of the San Polo district stands one of Venice’s greatest churches, the Basillica Dei Frari. Dating back to the 1300’s, this basilica is picturesque Venice with the River de San Stin flowing just outside its front door with a typical Venetian bridge as if made for photos. Nearby locations include Palazzo Zeno- Cà Zen and Campo San Tomà.

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Grand Canal Waterfront:

The Grand Canal running from the Rialto bridge westwards is Venice’s most famous stretch of water. Take a stroll along its banks which are lined with bars and restaurants and the most famous Venice architecture. Expect scenes of the Grand Canal full of boats, gondolas and water taxis. Nearby locations include the Rialto bridge and plenty of spectacular Venetian buildings.

Please note – this is an early morning location only to avoid crowds.

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